‘Cloaking’ device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across range of angles

To build your own Rochester Cloak, follow these simple steps:

1. Purchase 2 sets of 2 lenses with different focal lengths f1 and f2 (4 lenses total, 2 with f1 focal length, and 2 with f2 focal length)
2. Separate the first 2 lenses by the sum of their focal lengths (So f1 lens is the first lens, f2 is the 2nd lens, and they are separated by t1= f1+ f2).
3. Do the same in Step 2 for the other two lenses.
4. Separate the two sets by t2=2 f2 (f1+ f2) / (f1— f2) apart, so that the two f2 lenses are t2 apart.


> Achromatic lenses provide best image quality.
> Fresnel lenses can be used to reduce the total length (2t1+t2)
> Smaller total length should reduce edge effects and increase the range of angles.
> For an easier, but less ideal, cloak, you can try the 3 lens cloak in the paper.


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